May 17, 2021

I am very happy to be back with my IASSIST colleagues this week at IASSIST 2021, even if it is virtual rather than in sunny Gothenburg, Sweden, as we had hoped to be last year.

My own presentation on May 20 has been “flipped” so that there will be more time for interactive discussion during the live session.

I am encouraging anyone with interest in the development of our graduate specialist program to view the slides and videos linked below. The graduate specialist program hires Rutgers graduate students to offer workshops and consultations on data tools such as python and machine learning, digital humanities, and other topics. This program is also designed to benefit the graduate specialist by giving them an opportunity to develop their skills, interests, and building their teaching ability in technology-rich topics.

I am able to ramble on about this wonderful program at length, but you have the choice of several versions of this information.

You can access either the 6 minute version of the slides, or the full slide deck:

And you have a choice of three lengths of recordings of me explaining the program (talking over the slides):

Please sample these materials according to your time available and interest!

I am looking forward to discussing these and other issues “Using Student Workers in the Delivery of Data Services” with Paula Lackie, Tim Dennis, Deborah Wiltshire, Elizabeth Parke, and Rob O’Reilly on Thursday at 2 pm EST.

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