September 4, 2021

I am still torn up by the Sackler verdict, which absolves the Sackler family of guilt for deceptively promoting addictive and ultimately deadly drugs in order to boost their all-American profits. The result was over 500,000 all-American corpses due to overdose, and the judicial system’s recent verdict has only awarded approximately enough money to cover the funeral expenses of these corpses. The Sacklers get to pay these expenses over a decade while keeping their fortunes intact and being shielded from further prosecution.

This is justice in America, no different than it ever was.

What can I do about it? I suppose try to stay away from rich people, if they are empowered to kill me with impunity, or immunity under the law. That is fortunately easy for me to do.

Also, I vow to never enter another art gallery named after the Sackler family, such as those at the Smithsonian or the Met. I do not want the world of art to merely represent a temple to corruption, for the worship of the wealthy, and a place to purchase indulgences for murderous activities. I would like to hope that there is a little bit of social benefit for art beyond that. But as long as the leading cultural institutions of the United States name their galleries after mass murderers, I am not sure that my nostalgic beliefs are justified. Is art just killing once removed? I want to do my part to reverse this trend.

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